5 Delicious Alcoholic Drinks You Must Try in Goa

Along the Arabian Sea, what formerly was a Portuguese colony, is now one of the most beloved tourist destinations in India. Yes, Goa! Goa is one of the most versatile states in India. It has a lot to offer for every kind of traveler, be it sightseeing, events, food or drink. Goa is also referred to as India’s West Coast Paradise and is perfect for a vacation with friends or family. Your Delhi to LKO flight may be shorter than the one to Goa, but you’ll have more of an adventure-fuelled vacation in Goa.

Goa, being set toward the southwest part of India, enjoys a warm climate throughout the year. So, staying hydrated is important. There’s a lot of help with this right here. While Goa is stacked with a lot of imported alcoholic beverages, the options that are worth a try are the local ones. If you are looking for a holiday with a cooler temperature, then a Delhi to Dibrugarh flight might be a good idea. But you will miss out on all the drinks you can have in Goa. Take a look.

1.     Sula Wine

The Indian wine industry is yet to be fully developed and much of what is offered is not generally the highest quality, though there are some exceptions. Offering a good range of wines, including white, red, sparkling, rose and dessert, Sula stands out from the rest. A complex red wine, Rasa Shiraz, is said to be the finest, especially when served slightly chilled.

2.     Feni

Feni, an alcoholic beverage introduced in India by the Portuguese, is now the staple drink of the state. It is made by fermenting and distilling cashew or coconut palm sap. Its alcohol content stands at a whopping 43%, so if it is your first time, go slow. Feni is made available to you at almost every corner of Goa, from shacks to motels, and even in the high-end bars and five-star hotels.

3.     King’s Beer

A warm beachy destination with a glass of chilled beer – name a better combination! Exclusively available in Goa, King’s Beer is brewed and sold only here. This is nothing like your normal beer, with a smoky malt aroma and a taste that refreshes you from within. This beer complements all the authentic Goan food, with no complaints.

4.     Port Wine

Another beverage that was introduced to the Goans by the Portuguese is an elegant sweet red wine, also served as a dessert wine. In 1965, Ivo Da Costa set up a unit and produced port wine for the Goans for the first time. This drink will end your hearty meal on a very sweet note.

5.     Urrak

Another local drink of Goa is Urrak. It is extracted after the first distillation of the cashew fruit and is less potent than Feni by about 30%. Feni, however, is the second or third distillation. Unlike Feni, Urrak is only served in summer and is usually mixed with lemonade, soda, and ice. It can also be mixed with Limca or Sprite. Urrak makes an excellent summer cooler to quench your thirst and also rejuvenate you.

Given the ongoing pandemic, the tourist rush has thinned in Goa. So, this might be the best time to book your New Delhi to Goa flights, take a break and re-energise yourself during these stressful times.

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