8 Outdoor Activities That Are Also Great For Your Mental Health

There are a great many reasons why making the outdoors a regular part of your routine is a great idea. For some, it is the opportunity it allows to explore, for others it is the pursuit of a social activity, one that they can share with friends and family. For many, however, it is the significant benefit that spending time outdoors brings to one’s mental health.

A number of studies have been dedicated to this premise, that being outdoors and among nature improves our well-being, and each serves to prove that it’s a good idea for each of us, especially those who spend the majority of their time either indoors or living in an urban environment. With this in mind, we’re sharing eight superb outdoor activities that can help motivate individuals, and groups, to get themselves in and among nature more regularly with the view to improving their happiness.


Swimming is a low-impact physical activity that can help individuals to improve their physical fitness and relax. Taking this activity outdoors and into rivers, lakes, and oceans, brings even more benefits, offering an escape from the pace of city life. Additionally, cold water swimming has even been shown to improve immune systems!


Another accessible and adventurous activity is hiking, which requires very little in the way of equipment, helping individuals to simply get up and go. Hiking improves sensory perceptions, reduces stress, and helps to lower blood pressure.


A great way to slow down and embrace nature is to camp in a stunning and secluded location. Camping is celebrated around the world for the positive effect it has on health, even being referred to as forest bathing in Japan, a phrase with restorative connotations.


Another great way to escape the stress of urban life is to climb on top of a paddleboard and explore the water. Paddleboarding is an easy activity to pick up and can open up new landscapes for those wanting to have a relaxing adventure.


Fishing has long been celebrated for the relaxing atmosphere it offers to individuals and groups, whether they choose to relax on a river bank or take a boat out on the water. Even if not a single fish is caught, you are likely to come back feeling content.


It can be especially easy to incorporate cycling into your routine since it can be used as a means to travel as well as an enjoyable activity, improving your well-being and fitness as you go.


Many choose to begin climbing and bouldering because of the physical benefits it brings, improving fitness and strength. However, it is also celebrated for the improvements it brings to mental health too, not only for the sense of adventure but also accomplishment when conquering new heights.


Believe it or not, birdwatching is among the most popular outdoor activities in the USA with millions of individuals getting outdoors to find rare and beautiful birds. It can be a brilliant way to explore, both as an individual and a group, as well as giving you an excuse to find and visit new environments.

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