Five Essential Things to Do in Cannes

Most of us think of the glamorous film festivals and A-list actors who frequent Cannes, a resort city on the French Riviera. But. Despite the fact that the Cannes Film Festival is only a 12-day star-studded extravaganza, the city of Cannes hosts a plethora of fun events throughout the year.

Walk up Boulevard de La Croisette

The Boulevard de la Croisette is Nice’s equivalent of the Promenade des Anglais. They’re easily comparable because they both run along the shore of the Mediterranean and offer glimpses of the water. But there are also some differences.

Besides Monte Carlo in Monaco, La Croisette has the largest concentration of high-end boutiques on the French Riviera. I should know this. In a mad dash, I scoured the Côte d’Azur’s most posh boutiques for a pair of chic white shoes.

It is possible to see a parade of expensive sports vehicles, regal hotels, and vibrant sculptures together with high-end boutiques like Chanel and Dior. Without a doubt, the name “Boulevard de la Croisette” conjures up images of glitz and splendor.

Visit the view Port

Just to the west of the Palais des Festivals is the old harbor, often known as the Vieux Port. There’s a good reason the world’s elite let you get so close to their sleek spacecraft here: you can board them. (They could have disagreements.)

Nonetheless, the marina is a very attractive part of Cannes. Yachts, fishing boats, and floating castles abound, giving the French Riviera a sophisticated air.

Explore The Old Town

The Old Town may be seen rising up in a peak of red tiled roofs, ancient stone, and fading ochre and pink walls from the Vieux Port.

The old area of Cannes predates both the Cannes Film Festival and the posh boutiques that line La Croisette. Prior to the arrival of the Romans, the Ligurians occupied this area for 500 years.

In the 12th century, Cistercian monks purchased the land and utilized it to build the medieval château de la Castre atop the hill.

Hit the Beach

How do you get yourself ready for the sun in Cannes? The beach awaits you. If you’re looking for a beach vacation, Cannes has plenty to pick from.

One can go all out at a private beach club like Mademoiselle Gray Plage Barrière and pay for a lounge bed with wait service, or one can bring their own beach gear and relax in the open air at the 5-star Palais Festivals Beach for free.

Cannes things to do off the beaten track

If you’re only in Cannes for the day, you won’t have time for this, but if you’re looking for things to do outside of the city that most tourists overlook, consider going to Le Cannet.

This artistic enclave is actually a suburb of Cannes. Artist Pierre Bonnard, a major figure in the evolution of art from Impressionism to Modernism, formerly called that place home.

One of Le Cannet’s many draws is the Bonnard Museum, located on the boulevard Carnot. You can also go for a number of walks in the Bonnard-designed greenery that is at the rear of the property. You may visit some of the most expensive villas in Cannes up in the hills; to get there, simply pick up a pamphlet explaining the various hikes at the Cannes Tourism Office.

From Boulevard de la Croisette, you may either board Bus No. 1 or walk up Boulevard Carnot, which will take around 30 minutes.

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