The perfect getaway weekend to St Tropez

Planning a luxury weekend in St Tropez isn’t an easy feat, being one of the most in-demand spots in the world by the jet-set. With iconic spots such as Club 55 or the Nikki Beach, the French seaside traditional fishing village is one of the very finest spots to escape from most of the European capitals.

Whether you are flying from London, Paris, Berlin, or Zurich, St Tropez is quick to reach within just a short flight. If you are flying to Nice you might want to take a private helicopter to shuttle you to St Tropez in the utmost luxury and enjoy the unparalleled sceneries. Otherwise, chartering a private jet allows you to land directly in La Mole (Turbo Prop only) and get to your luxury villas in St Tropez within just a short drive.

For your first day in St Tropez, you’ll want to experience a vibrant lunch in one of the multiple party spots on Pampelonne beach. Whether you head to Bagatelle or Nikki Beach you’ll enjoy some of the finest entertainment in a vibrant atmosphere. While tables will start competing on who can order the most champagnes, don’t forget to fly the flag of your country!

After a vibrant afternoon, take a minute to relax on the beach, before heading back to your villa for a swim in the pool. Most of the luxury villas in St Tropez come with a private chef that will prepare an apéro for you and your friends. Head to Opera in the port of St Tropez for a late party and explore the small streets of the French town as well as the port hosting a plethora of superyachts.

You can rent a boat for your second day in St Tropez and head over in the bay to laze in the sun only surrounded by the friends you came with and those you met along the way. While you spend the morning in the sun, lunch can be enjoyed at Club 55, one of the most upscale beach clubs on Pampelonne. The relaxed atmosphere will be simply ideal to complete your luxury getaway in the south of France. After enjoying lunch it’ll already be time to leave to return to the busy city life. Lose no time in St Tropez by flying private or chartering a helicopter to get you to the airport as fast as possible.

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