Top List Of Things You Need To Try In Bromont!

Want to explore the beauty of Quebec province? You need to make time for Bromont! Less than an hour’s drive from Montreal, Bromont is a nice skiing destination, where you can enjoy the weather, take part in amazing activities, and simply relax away from the maddening city crowds. It is also one of the few places in North America that offers night skiing. You can check online for hébergement zoo granby and book your room before arrival. Regardless of the season, you need to spend a couple of days here, exploring the weather. In this post, we are sharing a few tips on the things you need to try in Bromont.

Make time for Granby zoo

Home to over a thousand animals and over 180 species, Granby zoo is a great place to take the kids. There are also a few exciting rides. Hotels around the zoo can arrange for a pass if you opt for one of their packages. Granby zoo is open all through the year.

Ski Bromont for the adventure seeker

Ski Bromont is easily the most important highlight of the town and is busy in winters and summers alike. The trails are pretty well-maintained for skiing, mountain biking and snowboarding. Training is also offered for those who are interested.

Bromont Water Park

In the summers, Bromont Water Park is a good place to enjoy with the family. There are close to 10 rides, and while a few are basics, some are fun and great for adults. Slides are particularly interesting. You can check for details online.

Take the cruise

Many hotels offer one-day stays with cruise on the Grand Cru, which is something you can consider if on a romantic trip. Cruising is great fun, and it is a wise idea to get a package, which may also include the breakfast at the hotel.


Enjoy the spa

Thermal experience is quite famed in Montreal, and you can actually experience this better in Bromont amidst nature. Amérispa Château-Bromont and Balnea Spa are two most well-rated spas in the region, and it is a wise idea to book a deal before arrival. Make sure that you check for varied massages and beauty services on offer.

Finally, just relax. Most hotels around the zoo have great views, and you could easily spend a couple of days doing nothing at all. If nothing else, just take a hike that’s free of cost!

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