6 Outdoor Activities For Adventurous Dates

When we think about the concept of a date, it is easy to conjure up an image of dinner and a movie, or perhaps a slow and romantic stroll. However, for some, this isn’t the ideal setting. In fact, it is nature and a sense of adventure that would allow them to most enjoy themselves while also seeing if there’s a valued connection with a partner.

Thankfully, there are no rules when it comes to dating. Those who want to get outdoors and suggest a more rugged landscape for dinner over the setting of a high-end restaurant are only limited by their partner’s interest. So, with the interest of spurring more alternative dates and opening the door to those who want to spend a greater amount of time outdoors, here are six great activities that make for an adventurous date.

Wild Swimming

If you know of a great wild swimming location, whether an idyllic beach or a stunning lake, then taking a dip together might just be the best way to hit things off. Wild swimming is also something that can be enjoyed during the colder months too, with many celebrating the benefits of even a few minutes submerged in colder waters. Just remember to bring along a changing robe!


Racing across serene trails and immersing oneself in landscapes outside of the city can be a great way to spend time together, especially if the adventure allows for a quiet picnic at the end too. Many cities across Canada also share nearby cycling routes too, giving everyone a chance to explore their local landscapes.


If it’s scaling hills and exploring trails that interest you, then a shared hike might be just the thing. Unlike cycling, hiking allows for more conversation and a slower pace, encouraging couples to get to know each other while also exploring a variety of immersive and beautiful terrains. There are also a great number of established hiking trails to enjoy and each with varying degrees of intensity, meaning you can choose your level of adventure.


For some, the adrenaline and accomplishment that comes with climbing are irresistible and their ideal partner would share this interest too. Many do indeed take to scaling their favourite verticals for a date too, wanting not only to show off their skills but also their secret spots too.


Depending on which province you reside in, there is the option for surfing, which can be a fantastic and fun way to adventure on your date, especially if the sun is shining and the break is consistent. Couples with a shared interest in surfing can also share their favourite locations and equipment too, creating memories from enjoying the waves together.


While it may take a little more commitment to make an overnight trip out of your date, camping can be a fantastic way for couples to enjoy time together out in nature. Bringing together the immersion of nature, the excitement of adventure, and the intimacy of spending an evening together under the stars, camping is an endeavour ideal for those who love the outdoors.

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