Canada’s Top Four Annual Watersport Events

There are a number of fantastic watersport events held across Canada, making use of the landscape’s breathtaking rivers, lakes, and coasts. Many of these events not only attract watersport enthusiasts from inside the country but also from across the world, being among the most celebrated tournaments and gatherings internationally.

If you’re looking for such an event, one that best exemplifies the Canadian vistas and culture, then we have four to share. Each one is not only quintessentially Canadian but also an unrivalled experience within its own area of watersport culture.

Rip Curl Pro Nationals

Every surfer in Canada is likely to place the Rip Curl Pro Nationals atop their list of anticipated events. Not only does the event take place in Tofino, British Columbia, considered one of Canada’s most photogenic beaches, but it also decides which surfers are chosen to represent Canada on the international competitive stage and has a substantial cash prize for winners too.

The beaches and coast run for around 35 km, standing against water that has regular and assured surf and breaks, making it an ideal destination for surfers and paddleboarders alike even outside of the competition.

Kalamalka Classic

Kalamalka lake is known as the lake of a thousand colours because of its naturally changing appearance. This lake is also host to the Kalamalka Classic, an annual crossing event that invites paddleboarders from across the country to compete in a race from one shore to another, travelling a total of 18 km. This epic journey is limited to 200 contestants and is open not only to the professionals who want to win but also to the enthusiasts who simply want to test their new paddleboarding accessories and conquer one of the most visually stunning bodies of water in Western Canada.

The event also hosts a number of other trials and tournaments, many of which are family-friendly, making the weekend a fantastic excursion for groups too.

Dragon Boat Championship

Taking place in Welland, Ontario, the Dragon Boat championship has become one of the most exciting watersport events of the year. Dragon Boats are watercraft, originating in China, that are propelled across the water at extremely high speeds by a team of enthusiastic paddlers.

Teams can be made of both experienced and amateur paddlers, with gumption being the most essential quality of a great paddler. There is also the role of a helmsperson who guides the team and beats a traditional drum, ensuring that paddlers keep their time to achieve maximum speed on the water.

La Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean

Roberval, Quebec, hosts one of the most well-regarded swimming events, welcoming professionals and amateurs alike to compete. The most well-known competition is the 32 km open water swim between Péribonka and Roberval, drawing competitors from all over the world.

The journey is open to only a handful of swimmers and is internationally recognised as being among the most exhilarating open-water events, taking around seven hours to complete. Even those who aren’t able to compete still enjoy experiencing the event and it continues to draw large crowds since it began in 1955.

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