Three Reasons to Have Your Beach Wedding at a Resort

Your wedding day is a special day you will remember forever. During the months leading up to your wedding day, you will be planning meticulously for your perfect wedding ceremony. What flowers will be in your bouquet? Do you want flower petals leading up to the altar? What will the centrepieces look like? Will you have a barefoot beach wedding or heels down an aisle close to the beach?

One huge part of the wedding is the reception. This is where guests will eat, give you and your partner presents, and socialise with others. The wedding reception requires close attention to detail. A wedding reception centre’s staff will coordinate these details so you can enjoy your special day.

  1. The Food

When you are preparing for your wedding, you may be thinking about the cake and the moment you and your partner share the moment of cutting the first slice. But what about food? Planning for the perfect wedding reception includes careful consideration of what food will be served.

If you are having a beach wedding, you may want to serve seafood. However, you may have family or friends with seafood allergies. It is best to offer another option, such as poultry or beef, to pair with the seafood. You want to ensure all of your guests can eat and enjoy their meal without an epipen.

At a wedding reception resort, you will not have to coordinate with a caterer. The wedding planner or coordinator will work with you to design the perfect menu that all of your guests can enjoy.

  1. The Decoration

Beach weddings are perfect for the photographer. The natural lighting paired with the organic beach waves create a picture perfect setting for your unforgettable wedding. Luckily, if you go to a wedding reception resort in Pattaya (known as รับจัดงานแต่งงานพัทยา in Thai), the decorations will be attended to by an experienced wedding coordinator.

They will decorate the reception area with luxurious centrepieces and lavish flowers. You can tell the planner what you envision, and they will work with you to create the ideal atmosphere.

  1. The Hotel

If you plan to serve drinks at your wedding, how will guests safely get from the wedding reception area to their hotel accommodations? At a wedding reception resort, the hotel is just steps away. This is super convenient for you and your guests.

Rather than requiring guests to travel from the wedding location to the reception and then back to the hotel, guests can walk from one area to the next. Guests will enjoy their drinks and the occasion without worry.


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