Travel Wallets: How to Optimize Your Organization for a long journey! 

Keep your money and documents organized while you travel with a well-designed, functional wallet. Whether you’re flying to another country or just going on a road trip around the corner, here are some tips for what kinds of wallets work best when traveling.

Optimizing your wallets and bags:

If you’re flying internationally, it might be a good idea to carry your passport with you at all times in case there are any questions by security officials when going through customs checks. This is especially important if you have plans to travel to a country that has strict visa requirements. Though many countries will allow you to apply for your visa online, there’s always the opportunity of having an official request when crossing borders. If this happens and you don’t have your passport on hand or easy access to it in another bag, you might be turned away from entering the country.

Make sure to have your tickets and boarding passes easily accessible as well. If you’re going through a security checkpoint, having these items in the same place as your passport will streamline the process for customs officials so they can quickly identify who you are and where you need to go. This is also important if there was a flight delay and you’re trying to get on the next available flight.

Suppose you have a phone that has international capabilities. In that case, it might be worth investing in an international calling or data plan for your trip, so you don’t run up any roaming charges while abroad.

Travel Wallets:

Instead of carrying a bulky, traditional wallet around with you when going through customs checks and traveling internationally, it might be better to choose a travel wallet that can fit in your pocket or is compact enough to go into a small bag. Some great options include wallets made out of soft leather-like from Ed Charly, or wallets made out of durable, water-resistant material, so they’re not susceptible to getting wet.

Another thing you can do with your travel wallet is carrying multiple cards in it. Many people have at least two different types of credit cards – one for personal use and another for work purposes. When traveling abroad, it’s often easier to keep cards separated than carrying around a bulky wallet with all of them inside. Instead, using one travel wallet can help you organize both your work and personal cards by keeping them in different compartments or slots within the same wallet.

Travel wallets are also great for organizing any other documents that you might need while you travel. Whether you’re traveling with a boarding pass, an itinerary, or some other important papers, it can be stressful to try and organize them when they are in your regular wallet. Since the items will most likely get crumpled up if kept inside of that type of wallet during transit, keeping them flat in something like a passport cover can help you stay organized when traveling.


Your travel wallet should be durable, versatile, and functional so that it helps you stay organized while on the go. In addition, with wallets like these by your side, getting through customs checks will be much smoother!

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