4-5 day Itinerary for Xiamen

If you have been browsing over the internet trying to look for a perfect place where you can take your family for a vacation, then you need to look no further because you have come to the right place where we will equip you with the necessary knowledge about this great place by the name Xiamen. This is a perfect place where you will be able to create memories with your family as strengthening the bond. In Xiamen, there are a lot of things you can do and see, but it is unfortunate because you cannot do everything in a single day. So for that matter, you will need to come up with an itinerary that will enable you to plan your trip and spend your time there effectively. In this article, we are going to take you through 4-5 day Itinerary for Xiamen, so if you are among the many people who would want to visit this great place within a short period of time, probably in less than 5 days, worry no more because we have all that you need.

DAY1 Xiamen Arrival

A warm welcome to Xiamen

You have arrived at this fantastic place, and I can assure you that this is where your memory creation will begin. Once you arrive at Xiamen airport, the taxi drive or your tour guide will meet you at the arrival hall, where he/she will escort you to the hotel room that is normally located in Xiamen downtown and help you with check-in services. From there, they will give you time to freshen up and leave you to enjoy the beauty of this town for the rest of the day.

evening ideas

After freshening up, you can just decide to take a leisure walk around the town, some of the areas you need to go include Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street in here you will be able to see some beautiful collection of architecture along the road that is not only built-in Chinese style but also western style as well as south Asian style. and to end the day in the style you can opt to try some cuisine to set a better taste of professionally Chinese meal after that you can go back to your room, and that be a day well spent

DAY 2 Xiamen


Nanjing Tulou

After you have had your breakfast, your driver /tour guide will come for you at the hotel where your residing and take you to Nanjing County, a journey that will take you a 3-hour drive where you will have an opportunity to see earthen buildings (Tulou). Nanjing Tulou is an essential part of Fujian Tulou reason being it is a traditional dwelling place of Chinese Hakka where you will be able to find their family setting where they used to sell in either round, square or rectangle. This building was listed as a cultural heritage by the UNESCO World Cultural in the year 2008

Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster

While you are in this place, you must see these earthen building that is commonly referred to as a “Four Dishes and a Soup” when you look at it from the best angle because to have a clear view of this building you must be on a raised platform

 These four dishes and soup resemble like 3 round, 1 oval and 1 rectangular they are well preserved

Yuchang Building

This building was constructed in the year between 1308-1338.it is one of the oldest as well as largest building as of today in the Nanjing region. Yuchang Building assumes zigzag form. When you walk close to the building, you will have a clear view of the zigzag pillar

and they have supported that building for over 600 years

After visiting this earthen building, you will have a great experience there. Your tour guide will then take you back you your hotel, this time at taxia village, and help you with the check-in process, as usual, to enjoy your night in the rural setting where you will enjoy Hakka tulou surroundings.

DAY3 in Xiamen

After breakfast, you will then go to and visit Yongding Tulou, which is a journey that will take you 20 minute. You then need to visit these two places Hongkong Tulou Cluster and visit the Zhencheng Building that is normally considered as a “Prince of Tulou” this is because of their exceptional design and attractive interior and have a chance to study the traditional culture of Bagua.

some of the others that are worth visiting during your day 3 in Xiamen include

– Kuiju Building

– Rusheng Building

-Chuxi Tulou Cluster

-Jiqing Building.

-Jiqing Building.

DAY 4 in Xiamen

This time your driver will then take you back to Xiamen city, where you will have enough time to have a classic refreshment.

Huandao Road

When you hear of Huandao Road, it is not just an ordinary road because this amazing “golden coastline” that is actually built along the sea where many people normally refer to this road as “five colour road” because of the colour collection that surrounds this road here you will be able to relax in this sandy beaches as you enjoy the sunshine as well as the salty sea breeze.

Nanputuo Temple

from the beach, then you will be able to have a chance to travel and sell Nanputuo Temple, which is a temple that was built more than 1000 year ago. When you enter the temple, you will be overwhelmed by the many Buddhist halls with flying eaves. Later enjoy a peaceful atmosphere at the traditional Chinese Pavillion, and at this point, you will have a clear view of Xiamen University.

Gulangyu Island

Before you leave this place, just take a 20 minute and ferry to Gulangyu Island, which is the main attraction in Xiamen and is also a UNESCO because this place has got a dozen precious historical architectures to build by people from various part of the world. here you will have to spend much of your time because there are a lot of attraction you will need to see

after that, your tour guide will then take you back to a hotel and have a good rest for the best part of the day

DAY 5 in Xiamen

after you have had your breakfast, then your usual tour guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel and then take you to the airport, where your tour will end


That is a comprehensive guide on the places of interest where you need to visit in Xiamen. On your next trip to this place, visit Cathay Pacific website, where you will find such and more information regarding travel.

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